What we stand for

With ArctICT, we aim at providing effective, custom-tailored software solutions to support our clients in merging towards a leaner organization. Our punch line “Lean on ICT” perfectly underlines this goal. We strongly believe that designing and implementing a proper ICT architecture is key in effectively managing your day-to-day business, enabling you to focus on what really matters: the value offered to your clients.

Reducing the effort that you - as a business - dedicate to non-value adding activities whilst offering you proper tools to efficiently manage your value-adding flows are the 2 main objectives on which ArctICT has built its service portfolio. A factor that is identical for each of ArctICT’s approaches developed is the application of novel project management techniques and a wide range of state-of-the-art, largely non-proprietary, development environments. Departing from this premise, we are confident that we can work together in building the qualitative ICT environment you need at an affordable price.

What's new?

(20 apr 2011) Neotrack Systems

ArctICT is now cooperating on the development of the revolutionary mobile networking platform of Neotrack Systems. Our responsibility will be the design and implementation of the mobile client and the navigation of users in indoor environments.

Why choose us?


  Affordable software solutions to support and optimize your day-to-day workflows.

  An alternative to escape from the unwieldiness and related cost of nowadays' ERP systems without compromising on functionality.

  Deep know-how on business process optimization.

  Strong knowledge of state-of-the-art ICT platforms and innovative technologies.

  Clear and transparant communication and cooperation with our clients to maximize the value you get out of it.



Kristof is a very talented, reliable and hard-working software engineer that can easily adapt to the working environment at hand. He always tries to achieve the highest quality as possible in his work and is very motivated to achieve his goals. Working with ArctICT was a real pleasure and I would recommend it to anyone! (Chris Adriaensen, Technical Manager, Neotrack Systems/Qbengo)