Some of the things we built.


Digital Strategy & Mobile development
Transform any map into a digital GPS.


Digital Strategy & Mobile development
Your ideal travel companion.


Subcontracting mobile & web development
I was part of the core team that is responsible for designing the architectural framework on which over 100 developers build functionality for KBC Touch and KBC Invest. I also built the initial Android applications using Cordova and the Crosswalk project. I gave technical talks on advanced topics, developed Proof of Concepts and I was the person to go to when teams were in danger of not reaching deadlines to get them back on track.


Subcontracting mobile development
Development of a distributed Video Chat application for Android on the Technicolor Revolution middleware. This application was shown at Broadband World Forum 2012 and CES 2012.

Apotheek Verpraet

Desktop app development
We built a desktop application that manages the stock and invoicing of rentals. The applications and the server were deployed on site. It is running fluently at the pharmacy for the last 9 years.

Artesis-Plantijn Hogeschool

Web development
We built a portal where HBO5 lecturers and administrative personnel can manage programs, courses, teaching goals, evaluation methods and so on. The web application is used by students to consult ECTS sheets. The web application integrates seemlessly with existing software and synchronizes daily with a multitude of data sources. The result is a complex web portal that was developed successfully under strict timing and budget constraints.