Virtual & Augmented Reality

We are convinced that immersive interfaces will play an important role in the future of computing. Immersive reality currently includes two technologies: Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented or Mixed Reality (AR).

Virtual Reality headsets immerse the user entirely into the virtual world. It is used mainly for entertainment, training and demonstrative purposes. Even though it is an impressive experience, its potential is limited as the experience ends when the user wants to return to the physical world.

Augmented Reality on the other hand shows the physical world as it is and augments it with digital artefacts. Because users do not lose touch with reality, it could be worn for extended periods in time. Current headsets cannot be worn the entire day as they are quite heavy and not very stylish. But we believe that it could replace laptops and mobile devices altogether when the technology evolves to a form factor of glasses or even contact lenses. Meanwhile, AR has current applications for businesses where the workforce needs hands-free access to digital information or to show three dimensional digital objects within the physical world.

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Our services include

Building VR experiences
360 degree video, digital worlds, Steam VR & Unity engine.
Building AR experiences
Microsoft Hololens, Google Glass, Unity engine

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