Subcontracting & Tech consultancy

Do you need specialised knowledge in (hybrid) mobile development, high performance web development, immersive (VR & AR) development or an extra pair of hands? We can help your IT staff or your agency by filling gaps and by organising training sessions.

Do you want to develop a digital product and need assistance in deciding the right technologies for it? Our wide range of expertise In a multitude of technologies can help you decide on the architecture that your application requires and build a basis on which your technical staff can continue to work.

Our skills include

Mobile apps
Android native app development, React Native, Xamarin, Firebase, PhoneGap, Ionic.
Full-stack web development
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Angular, React, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Ruby on Rails, Elixir Phoenix.
VR & AR developmen
Microsoft Hololens dev kit, Unity game engine, SteamVR.
Database technologies
MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL
Cyber security
PKCSSmart cards (ISO/IEC 7816), e-ID, Public Key Infrastructure, TLS/SSL, HTTP, identity & access management, web security, PDF/a, PaDES, XaDES, Electronic signatures, PKCS#11, PKCS#12
Machine learning
Computer vision, audio processing, Big data, conversational interfaces.
Software development
Git, Scrum

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